Jumat, 04 April 2008

62 Mailing List

"There are only two things you can do with time -- spend it or invest it. If you spend it, consider it gone forever. When invested, it creates a lifetime residual."

— James Arthur Ray

A friend of mine couple months ago sent me a fowarded email from her mailing list. She's maybe forgotten that I told her to join that mailing list. Yup, the email she fowarded its from one of my mailing list. I am a member of 62 mailing list.

It happened again last week, another friend fowarded email from another mailing list that I''ve already a member since long time ago.

I interested in internet since 1996. I was working as R&D dept as researcher. There was no internet connection nor IT dept in that time . Trough montly seminar programme on 1997; I can convinced the CEO to have internet connection in R&D dept. I am the founder of www.pegadaian.co.id.It's my former company. In that time to registered company website address, we have to pay a backbound. It's cost only Rp84.000 and the address belongs to my former company.

Lets back to 62 mailing list. I had once told my friend that I join to 62 mailing list. She's asked me"How to read all the emails? Do you have enough time to read it all?"

I've told her that mostly emails coming to my inbox by daily digest. Also yahoo mail is unlimited store.

Join to different kind of mailing list is not only to enhance my knowledge, but it can help me to do internet marketing for free.

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